Artistic Gymnastics class

Gymnastics Program is a year-round program, designed to teach boys and girls gymnastics fundamental and techniques through step-by- step progression.

The program is scheduled into 4 parts as follow:
1. Warm up (with music)
2. Tumbling (basic gymnastics movement)
3. Apparatus (beam, box, bar and trampoline)
4. Conditioning (body strength, flexibility and games)

·  Gym Fun (45min)
Age: 1.5-3 years old
The basic, such as body balance, coordination, flight and flexibility are taught through a program of fun related skills and games.

·  Level 1 (1hr/lesson)
Age: 3-5 years old / 6-12 year old
Emphasis is placed upon form, structure, tension, flexibility and strength by introduction basis floor exercise.

·  Level 2 (1.5hr/lesson)
Age: 6 above or under coach recommendation
To offer boys and girls a safe program to learn gymnastics through step by step progression and introduction of apparatus. Students are expected to develop self-awareness, positive thinking and socialization.

·  Level 3 (1.5hr/lesson and twice a week)
Age: 6 yr old or above and under coach recommendation
Students are expected to have at least 1 year gymnastics experience. Gymnasts will aim at the technical side through step by step progression.

·  Level 4 (2 hrs/lesson) & 5 (2 hrs/lesson and twice a week)
Age: 6 yr old or above and under coach recommendation
Learning front round off, handsprings are the main focus of the advanced beginning level. Running dive rolls taught at this level.
Use Inter-school routines as teaching target.

· Team Level
Age: 8 yr old or above and under coach recommendation This class provides 2 to 3 times training a week for gymnasts who are being chosen to prepare themselves for higher levels. They should be committed to consistent training and be ready for all kinds of competitions and performances. Self-discipline is essential.


- There are 10 moves in the test; the passing score is 70 out of the maximum 100. Gymnasts who pass the test will be given a certificate and a badge.

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