About us

SPORTSCENE LIMITED is a professional sports coaching and event manage company for children of all ages. It is established in 1993. We mainly provide professional gymnastics coaching in various club houses and schools. In 2000, a gymnastics training center is established to provide diversified services. In 2004, the whole syllabus is lead into the schools and becomes the essentials of the lessons. From 2004 to Now, we do our best to lead our students to participate in many international competition and training, such as China, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine and etc.

Except gymnastics, we also have a experienced sport coach team to provide training including swimming, badminton, football, tennis, basketball, table tennis, mini-ball and other sport activities.

Moreover, our organization specializes in sports programme, game planning and design, birthday party, carnival, Mainland China and foreign sports equipment, club house facilities and etc.

We believed the high quality, professional and technical training is an essential for child development.  From professional training can help child extend their vision and enrich their life.


Our Programme Director and Head Coach, Ms. May Kwong has more than 15 years of sports recreation management experience. May manages all kinds of sports programme. Moreover, May was a member of the Hong Kong Gymnastics Representative Squad and has gained many awards throughout the years by representing Hong Kong at the World Squad and has gained many awards throughout the years by representing Hong Kong for the International Gymnastics competition.


- To Promote sport activities, in order to have healthy life.
- To develop a positive learning attitude
- To enhance personal quality through sports (eg. Confidence, Conscientious and Work Hard)
- To develop good communication skills, friendship and team work


Sportscene Ltd aims to impact sportsmanship to those who adore gymnastics. We always engage the gymnasts to participate in different competitions and exhibitions. It helps to gain their valuable experiences and enhance their interest in gymnastics.

- To be more enthusiastic in gymnastics
- To participate in many exhibitions and competitions
- To develop the talent gymnasts for the society