Students will improve their cardiovascular and respiratory conditioning; they will enhance their speed, balance, concentration, flexibility, strength, and their confidence. These by-products of intense Taekwondo training will give you an incredible sense of well being at the end of each class.

Basic Techniques:
Include stepping, standard keep off, Chinese boxing, self-defense, and method of attack and physical training.

Set of fist:
Teaching materials are based on the world Taekwondo alliance. Coach teaches with a series of tricks and skills in boxing, practices each kind of fist foot standard, take the imaginary enemy as the goal to keep off the skill.

Assaulting: Under safety precaution and coach’s instruction, children can learn tricks and boxing skills. But “assaults” also is the Taekwondo main event in the competition.

Discipline: The course also trains up student's discipline obedient. From the group practice, students can learn the form of getting along with others, strengthens self-confident and adaptation of community. Through the instruction, it trains the student to obey the discipline and to increase its automatic rhythmicity.