Rocking Climbing

t suits everyone in different ages, genders and physical ability. The coaches will design the most suitable routine to the students individually according to their ability.

Beginner – most likely to have the training in the 90° artificial dikes with lower than 3-meter straight wall and to climb horizontally. When the students get certain skills, and have built up confidence, the may learn Top Roping skill with higher than 3 meters walls. Direct climbing refers to the climb rope which the climbers are connected to the protection string. The other end of the rope passes through the artificial dike and to connect to the security spot and to the protection control of the protector. Protection rope is used to protect the climber and should be coordinated with the protector.

Intermediate – It includes leading, placing protection sport skills, advance techniques, power support and so on. Leading refers to climb rope which the climbers place the protection spot when they are downing and to connect the protection rope to each spot.

Advance – It mainly concentrates on the high difficult climbing skills. For example: smaller than 90°anteversion wall(Overhang)and Ceiling artificial dike climb. These practices are the coordination between the climber and the protector. The protector has the responsibility to protect the climber when he is falling and use the protector system to stop the protection rope in order to reduce the changes of injures to the climbers and to prevent to fall on the floor.